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Chris Mizell

This amp is phenomenal. The shipping was super fast (8 days) during the huge supply chain interruption of 2021. He must have shipped it air. It went through Anchorage. It took longer to get the tubes from Amazon than to get the amp from Hong Kong! The seller kept in touch with me through the entire process. I have a Hartke HD1000 and HD410 cabinet. I wanted to get the Ampeg, but needed the extra wattage for the stage. At room levels, this thing is as smooth as melted butter. It just creams the Hartke in the tone department. And it saturates and breaks up so smoothly! Like old Motown, or Fleetwood Mac, or Sabbath. This guy is a magician.



First, I must tell you that I am not a bass player, but a guitar player. And I bought this amp for guitar because many guitar players that have influenced me have used Ampeg bass amps with their guitars. This amp sounds amazing with guitar!! Because of the combinations of bass, treble, and boost switch, as well as the bright and normal input channels, I can get countless options of clean and powerful tones. From thick and full, to clean and trebly, with many very usable and balanced tones in between. It has great headroom, and the volume can go very high because I'm using a guitar, not a bass. I haven't used any pedals yet, but I'm sure it will take pedals great. That is one of the reasons that guitarists use those old Ampeg amps. Because of the full bodied tones and high headroom, you can put any fuzz, overdrive, boost, reverb, etc.. pedals in front of them and they all sound amazing! It should be noted that I am pairing the head with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker in a closed back cabinet. The Vintage 30 is a more upper midrange focused guitar speaker, (as I'm sure you know), and it works GREAT with this amp! If you are a guitarist and you want a clean headroom amp for a pedal platform, give this baby a shot! You won't regret it. Also, the seller is super cool and very communicative. Responds very fast via email if you have any questions. It also shipped very fast from China. So glad I took a chance on this amp. I have owned and played many high end tube amps, and this one is right up there with the best of them in regards to the quality of features and tone.



I have had this amp for about a week, and it sounds really good. I would describe it as a bass version of the Epiphone Valve Jr amp - simple true sound. I put some NOS 6L6's in it, and it sounds better with 6L6GC tubes (the pin layout is also different, so the standby switch didn't work with the NOS 6L6). The schematic on the amp kits say to use a 12AY7 in the preamp tube and a 12AX7 in the inverter tube, and i can confirm, the preamp sounds better with an 12AY7. the tone stack is not great, and this amp blossoms with an EQ pedal before the input. I am going to look at the schematic and see about dropping in an FX loop and a master volume pot, so i can drive the preamp without making my walls shake with bass. Maybe in the future i will adjust the tone stack. I would recommend this amp to anyone, and will probably buy one of their guitar amps in the future.


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